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Celebrating World Heart Day 2011

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The Barbados National Registry for Chronic Non-Communicable Disease (BNR) is a surveillance tool conducted on behalf of Ministry of Health to produce data on three registries: Cancer, Stroke and Acute Myocardial Infarction commonly known as heart attack. The recent UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), provided a forum for countries across the world to discuss the rise in NCDs internationally. The BNR is the first multi-disease Registry in the Caribbean and is viewed as setting a Caricom standard.
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The BNR-Stroke and BNR-Heart assist with communicating to both healthcare professionals and the wider public on the characteristics of the patients with strokes or heart attacks, and have instigated further education on best practice for producing accurate documentation.
Data collected on patients from both the community and the local hospitals are able to inform the Ministry of Health on priority areas. Part of the process is for a BNR Registered Nurse, to contact patients at 28 days and 1 year after their event to follow up on their progress and establish whether they have attended their outpatient appointment or require referral to the rehabilitation unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados. This follow up provides an opportunity to discuss any concerns and to make use of the Nurse’s expertise after discharge. All clients are sent an information pack to assist them with continued recovery.
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There is no doubt that dealing with Chronic Non-Communicable Disease requires a multifaceted approach, and the BNR is assisting by providing timely data which can assess current practice, and support those who have recently had a stroke or heart attack. Family Physicians, patients or a family member can notify a case via our direct hotline on 256 4267. All patient information is held confidentially in accordance with both ethical and data access regulations.
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