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BNR Cancer Seminar 2014

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Management of Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer – Seminar Report

The Barbados National Registry would like to express its gratitude to all the doctors and nurses who joined us for this year’s cancer seminar entitled – The Management of Gastrointestinal (GI) cancers held that the QEH Auditorium on 13 November 2014. In attendance were over 80 doctors, nurses and medical personnel. We were especially happy with the questions and discussions sparked by the excellent panel of presenters.

The seminar began with Tanya Martelly, BNR Registrar, who shared preliminary data on the Barbados National Registry’s first year of cancer cases, focusing on data on colorectal cancers, the details of which formed the basis of having this year’s event.

Dr. Stephen Griffith then shared on Screening for Gastrointestinal Cancers giving participants insight into the screening methods used for the different types of GI cancers, but also outlining some conditions that can increase the risk of cancers in this area. Questions from the audience raised concerns about the age of presentation for some cancers and the possible need for a national screening program. Dr. Griffith stressed the need for clear facts as supported by years of BNR data to determine whether this was necessary.

The role of data became a major talking point after the presentation of Dr. Sahle Griffith. His talk entitled Surgical Treatment for Colorectal Cancers explored traditional and non-traditional surgical treatments. He also stressed the need for proper screening for colorectal cancers, using BNR data as the basis for such an intervention. This led to a discussion of the accuracy of incidence and mortality data used by international sources for Barbados. It further highlighted the need for doctors to notify the BNR of cases and the need for continued training on Death Certification.

Dr. R. K Shenoy gave a detailed presentation of the Non-surgical Management of GI Cancers, he outlined the types of chemotherapy and radiotherapy available to treat GI cancers as well as studies on the success rate of some of the more popular treatment regimens. He also brought up the interesting fact of HER2 testing for gastrointestinal cancers.

The final presentation and panel discussion led by Dr. Lynda Williams outlined The Importance of Good Documentation in Patient Care. It focused on the importance of detailed medical reports, concentrating on referral and reply letters in overall patient management but especially in the multidisciplinary care of cancer patients.

Again, many thanks to all who made the event a success!

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